We can supply and fit any type of Security safes

The most popular type of Security safes are floor standing or ones that sit on a shelf in a cupboard. These are then secured to the floor or wall.

Other types we can supply are Underfloor, In wall, Safes with drawers, Deposit Safes (where staff don’t have access to the Safe ), Security Cabinets, Gun Cabinets, Medical Storage, Fire Safes and Filing Cabinets, Data Safes, Luxury Safes with built in Watch winders, Under Counter Safes, Lightweight Security Enclosures, Safe Deposit Lockers, Vault Rooms and Doors.

We can also supply reconditioned Security safes. These tend to be for higher rated safes but normally work out at about half of the cost of a brand new one. They come fully serviced and have a one year guarantee with them.

For Insurance purposes all Security safes have a cash rating. For example the most popular Safe we sell has a £4000 cash rating, you then times this by 10 for jewellery purposes giving it cover for £40,000 of jewellery. The cash rating is what the insurance companies are happy to insure you for cash kept in the safe overnight.

We offer a free site survey visit to help explain the differences between one safe and another. Also to help advice on the best place for putting and securing the Safe.

Apart from supply and installation of Security safes, we can offer these other safe-related services:

  1. Moving a Safe from one premises to another or just moving from one room to another
  2. Removing and disposing of unwanted old safes
  3. Servicing of safes, particularly wheeled combination type

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